Ongoing Stories


Book 1: The Lumen Princess
Book 2: Awakening of Darkness
Book 3: Enchanted
Thousand years had passed but no one, even the most powerful wizard after Sabria, had the power to open the passageway to the Mortal World. Until the Oracle had stated a prophecy that a girl from the other world would be the key to reopen the passageway.

Tyler Michelle Hill, a girl who lived from the Mortal World who happened to be the descendant of Sabria Abcdee Gallens doesn't have an idea of her true identity and about the existence of the other world. Because of a stupid dare, her normal life will change.

Chord of Disaster
Scheherazade, isang babaeng bigla nalang dumating sa buhay ni Kiel. Kinupkop ito ng kanyang ina sa kadahilanang iniligtas daw nito ang buhay niya. Wala siyang magawa kundi tanggapin ito dahil na rin sa kagustuhan ng ina.

Scheherazade, isang misteryosong babae na magdadala ng gulo sa buhay niya. Gagawin niya ang lahat upang masagutan ang lahat mg misteryong bumabalot dito. Ngunit sa pagsagot sa misteryo, matutunan niyang maramdaman ang isang bagay na hindi pamilyar sa kanya. At sa pagkilala niya sa babaeng ito, malalaman niyang literal na gulo ang idudulot nito..

Close as Stangers

You are ONE of the MILLIONS girls who fantasize him. You are ONE of the CROWD who watch him from afar. In short, you are one of his fan girls.
What can a fan girl do so that she can stand out from the crowd? What can she do so that she will be notice by him
This is the story of Bryanne Skye Briones, a Filipina who is a die hard fan of 5 Seconds of Summer. An ordinary girl who claims herself as Luke Hemmings' wife. Will the hot front man and lead vocalist of 5 Seconds of Summer look at her?
Mae Isabella Alcaire had always been the best of the bests in Adam State University. She's always confident that she will be the first from all the things that she will do. But then her mortal enemy came back. Xairill Ivan Valdez or Xiv according to her. They've been mortal enemies since they were kids. Mae never beat him in all challenges they had and she always do everything just to beat him.
Now that Xairill is back, Mae is also back in being number two. But being Mae, she do everything to be number one again. But what if, while competing to him, she will realize that he was also her weakness. She will realize that she has feelings for him.  Will she ever beat him? Or she will just stop and just accept the fact the she's already inlove with him.
Falling inlove with your enemy means you are the loser. Can she accept the fact that she lose? Or she will just ignore her feelings for him?

When I first saw you, I saw love
And the first time you touched me, I felt love
And after all this time,
You're still the one I love
This is the story of Johann Cristoph Lee the older brother of Kylene Zoey Lee-Young.

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